Hey! It feels good to be back! 

Can you imagine my last post was published on 2012?! Crazy long time! A lot of things happened in between then and now too! For one, I had another baby. So 'he' became my priority. I am also running a home based baking business. On top of all that I was just also busy with my other personal blog. So I guess this one went to the back burner.

Yup! I intend to keep this updated more frequently!
But you know what? Even if I had not been updating this blog for years, it has been earning me a steady income albeit small income the past few years! It's really amazing how I only have this and another blog on my Adsense account but cents does pile up!

So I'm resolving to get back to updating this since my son is now more manageable. I've dressed it up in a new template and been cleaning up previous posts with lots of links. Be ready to be updated with some of the things I really enjoy - Home Decor and Home Furnishings! I just love to follow home decor trends so you'd see more of that here.

photo credit: Shan Jeniah Starting Today via photopin (license)