Mosaic Wall Tiles as Home Decor

To be honest, the idea of using mosaic wall tiles for home decor never really occurred to me. When it comes to tiles, all I could think about are bathroom tiles, kitchen counter tiles and of course, floor tiles. 

A lot of people, like me, always miss that there are other types of tiles you can use to add color and texture to a wall. But my husband pointed out to me, that tiles really make nice wall accents. For instance,most modern Cambodian houses use tiles even outside the bathroom. 

Although I don't find the tiles they use on the walls appealing, it does serve a purpose. It cools down the house during hot months and also, for them it adds a lot of color. So this made me re-think my idea that tiles can't be used on walls.

In fact, there are certain kinds of tiles that would be absolutely gorgeous as wall accents. Just like mosaic wall tiles!

Check out the photo.. pretty right?

I checked out some source websites and I was amazed at the variety and really gorgeous colors and textures you can choose from. I specially love the ones below..