Dream Outdoor Living..

I will let you in on one of my secret fantasies/dreams..I want an uber gorgeous outdoor space. With a nicely landscaped grounds, pretty flowers, fantastic, calming views and super comfy outdoor furniture where I could lounge like a diva. Hahaha! Does it sound too much?

I'm specially partial to Japanese style outdoor patios/garden. There is so calming and structured about them. And when it comes to furnishings, I find rattan furnishings so gorgeous! I really fancy the lounge chair below.

If the space is a bit limited, I kinda dig this kind of arrangement. With some areas elevated, and creating an illusion of space. It also creates intimate nooks that is just so conducive to conversations..Here's one example of that arrangement..

Also, this one shows the difference in levels of the house and the grounds and creates a feel of more space and grandness..