Decorating a Tween's Room

You know I just realized now, we never really had a nice, decorated room for our daughter. We did travel around much during her younger years. In fact we lived in around 5 houses from the time she was 1 till she was 6. I would have wanted to fix up a gorgeous room for her with all those fancy children's furniture, beds, trimmings and all, but it just wasn't practical.

I think she would have loved to have a bed like this..

But right now she has outgrown that, and since were settled in our current place, I think its high time we do a room for her. So I was scouring the web for some ideas about decorating a tween's room..

One tip I would like to really follow, is to consult her about what she wants and what she wants in her space. After all, its her space. Also,the decor style must follow her tastes and wants. 

Also, I think her little room should feature a lot of shelving and a space school work/projects and crafts. I'm not allowing a computer yet on her room because that would inhibit me from doing active monitoring of her computer activities.

And I also think I have to go with a small, non extravagant budget. I realize that the things she might want now, she might not like 3-5 years down the road, so better be flexible.

We looked up a couple of design ideas online and loved these..

the shelving and the colors are nice. muted, but not boring..

Modern Kids design by Los Angeles Interior Designer JAC Interiors

beautiful wallpaper.. hmm, which gives us an idea to use vinyl wall stickers..