Bathroom Design for My Little Teen

I have a pre-teen daughter and I find myself amazed at how she is changing. As a child, she seldom spent time in the bathroom. She spent as little time as possible there, only when its necessary. But lately, I have observed her spending a lot of time in the bathroom. I think she is really turning into a teenager and primping and making herself pretty is starting to be a priority. 

And she is also asking me to fix up her bathroom. She wants a little more personalized bath space and a little more funky bathroom furniture. She wants pinks, a lot of space for her stuff, shelves and a big big vanity mirror. 

So now I've been making plans to redesign her bathroom. I want a little color in it. Perhaps some vinyl wall stickers would be great instead of repainting the whole place. I have loads of ideas but definitely we'll be working together to get the look she wants.