Table Top Christmas Decor Finds

I'm one of those persons who gets a kick out of decorating for Christmas. I've lived in a huge house, a town house, a studio apartment, a one bedroom condominium and it didn't matter to me how big or small the space I had, I simply had to decorate for Christmas. 

Since were almost on to the first 'ber' month of the year and Christmas is fast approaching I was checking out some nice Christmas table top decor. One that would lend a little festive atmosphere to a small space, say like your office, or your studio apartment. I love Christmas trees, preferably huge ones, the real deal as they say. But  since a lot of us also have limited spaces, well these one I think would be nice..

Both are from Neiman Marcus..

Each Golden Filigree Christmas Tree - sophisticated, understated and very elegant.

Shell Tabletop Trees - very unique and natural looking..


Wow! Those looks Shell Tabletop Trees
looks so beautiful. I really like and I sure will buy the same for my new home. Thanks for such adorable pictures.
Keep posting!
Revekka said…
Good day! How to make a fir?