Beautiful Loft Conversions

I love lofts! It's one of the things I wished our house had. I'm not sure why but I like the irregular space lofts have, plus the privacy it offers. My daughter describes it as like living in a bird house.

I found one site of a company specializing in loft conversions London and I just love their gallery. Here's some of my picks, but do check out the loft conversions London site for ideas if you have plans of converting your attics.

Converting the attic into a bedroom, a bathroom, a reading nook, walk-in closet, entertainment area is a good idea for you to have some more space. If your attic is just there as a storage area or just empty, like the one's showcased in loft conversions London site is a good and cheaper alternative than adding another wing or extension to your house or moving to another house.

As I browsed through the site, I was just wowed with the possible things you can do to you loft. I am now really wishing I have a loft to convert. Lol!


jon tiffany said…
There's something about being up so high at the top of your house and the sloping roof that makes a room in the loft special. Being able to sleep at night and look up and see the stars is amazing!